Hydration packs are a great way to carry water so you can stay hydrated out on the trail. Plus they are a great alternative to lugging around heavy or cumbersome water bottles.
But with all the options out there, which ones are the right one? Hydration Pack Guide aims to answer those questions with in depth guides and reviews so you can choose the right hydration backpack for your outdoor journeys.
After man years of use my preference is towards Camelbak brand hydration packs. These are not your ordinary packs and they have a higher sticker price than the knockoffs. But are they WORTH it in features (the reservoir is practically indestructable).
There are other competitors in the field, like the military grade BLACKHAWK brand and the cheaper brands as well.
What you you will find here on www.HydrationPackGuide.com are what I believe to be the best hydration packs available.
Warm Regards,
-John Andersen

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