Hydration Packs For Women

There are specially designed hydration packs shaped and contoured specifically for women. Generally speaking these models of packs usually have a more narrow back and wider straps across the chest to accomodate a womens profile better and more comfortably then other models of hydration pack.
Typically these models of packs comes with slightly smaller water reservoirs to accomodate the slim and compact design of the pack. So you will generally be looking at the 50 or 70 oz water capacity which may be something you need to keep in mind if you plan to be out for longer than a few hours.
Specifically look for the Camelbak line of hydration packs for women including:
Camelbak Annadel - A slimline model bor cyclists with minimal storage, a sleek form fitting design and 50 oz water bladder.
Camelbak Magic - A slimline model with a much more narrow back with bungee cords and storage pockets.

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