Camelbak Hydration Packs

Camelbak is the king daddy and market leader when it comes to hydration packs, backpacks and hydration systems. You name it from a simple running pack, biking packs or day packs with lots of storage.
Camelbak offers an excellent price to performance combination and are the innovators in the industry. If you need excellent reliable equipment you will definately want to step up from an economy hydration pack to a Camelbak brand hydration pack.
You have to shop the Camelbak models carefully though depending on what type of sports or outdoor activity you plan on doing because there are different types of packs made for cycling, running, hiking with varying compartments, water bladder capacities, and gear storage.

Camelbak MULE

Camelbak MULE has a super large water bladder capacity and lots of storage capacity.

When it comes to the line of Camelbaks for women you will find that the LUXE pack is more slim and narrow and the pack straps align better to accomodate fitting around a womens chest without being overly constricting.

Camelbak Octane

The Camelbak Octane series are lite weight hydration packs with modest size water bladders with plenty of strapping to keep your gear secure while running, hiking or biking the trails.

Camelbak SnoBlast
The SnoBlast is the perfect hydration pack for skiiers or snoboarding enthusiasts who need to carry some water, a snoboard, helmet and a small amount of clothing.
camelbak rogue
An inexpensive Camelbak especially designed for cyclists and mountain bikers on short to medium outings.
camelbak rogue
A slimline style Camelbak designed especially for hunters needing to carry water in extreme cold or wet weather conditions.
Camelbak SnoBlast
A Camelbak cleaning kit comes with two handy brushes and cleaning tablets that get the inside of the water bladder squeeky clean. Add a simple drying rack and you can quickly and easily keep mold from growing in your Camelbak.